Jonas Höschl is a political conceptual artist and photographer.
Most recently, he received the Bavarian Art Award for Visual Arts and the Culture Award of the District of Upper Palatinate for printmaking for his artistic work, which encompasses the media of printmaking, sound, video and installation. He is part of the artist collective "Tannhäuser Kreis".

  1. Fade Away Medley

    Fade Away Medley @ Exhibition Hall, Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, 2020

    "Time disappears and leaves behind memories - of people, moments, melodies. "Fade Away Medley" is what Jonas Höschl calls his work, which revels in the thoughts and feelings of a generation. Carried by the soundtrack of his youth, Jonas Höschl tells in the photo book of scenes of debauchery and rebellion, but also of pausing and looking up. The hedonistic urge for extravagance and exaggeration is palpable in the full-page photographs, which are juxtaposed and enter into dialogues of content and form in direct succession. The transfiguring view of days gone by is broken up by sobering images of conservative lifestyles and world views. The oppressive conformity goes hand in hand with the longing for dissolution of boundaries, which Jonas Höschl also embodies himself in his photographs. He confronts the dialectic of his pictorial milieus in order to overcome them.", Carina Essl (LEONARDO – Zentrum für Kreativität und Innovation)

    A: Fade Away Medley 1 (11:09 min)
    B: Fade Away Medley 2 (16:47 min)

    LP Fade Away Medley
    Artist: Jonas Höschl, Photography: Jonas Höschl,
    Composer: Tydings McClary, Mastering: Emanuel Geller,
    Presswerk: MATTER OF FACT,
    Design: Michael Seibert (unfun)

  2. Big Ponder Podcast


    The German edition of BIG PONDER was edited by Jenny Marrenbach. The authors of the plays are Sylvia Cunningham, Dina Elsayed, Florenz Gilly, Leon Ginzel, Jakob Lewis, Monika Müller-Kroll, Bilal Qureshi and Jocelyn Robinson. The German voices of BIG PONDER are Peggy Bachmann, Nina Ernst, Thomas Fränzel, Isabelle Redfern, Volker Wackermann and Timo Weisschnur. The broadcast package was composed and produced by Dirk Schwibbert. The photographs were taken at the Wild West adventure park Pullman City near Passau and at the Rose Barracks in Vilseck near Nuremberg, among other places. Sascha Ehlert coordinated the photo project, Jonas Höschl took the photos.

  3. Gropiusstadt – Ist alles Kacke hier!


    On the 7th of November 1962, the then Governing Mayor Willy Brandt ceremoniously laid the foundation stone for the first construction phase of the large housing estate „Berlin-Gropiusstadt“ in the presence of Walter Gropius. Almost 30 years later, the documentary „Gropiusstadt - Ist alles Kacke hier! (1990) by Eberhard Weißbart appeared, which deals with gang wars in the satellite town. At a similar time interval, the artist Jonas Höschl is now reacting to the documentary, using the Film as the basis for his work. In collaboration with the audio film author Petra Schielke and the narrator Christian Bergmann, he created a sound piece with the use of audio description. A sound framework freed from narration, consisting of descriptions of the protagonists and locations of the short film, which interrogates the visual material itself. The producer Philipp Dittmar (Red On) reacts to this with sound documents of the 1960s from Neukölln`s museum archive, which accompanied the building process and the inauguration of Gropiusstadt. The result is a melodious radio play between German officialese, the subcultural sounds of Berlin at the time of reunification and contemporary, experimental electronics.

    Aushang (Object by Daniel Hölzl) @ 48h Neukölln Festival, 2021

    "It confronts the history and contemporary implications of Neukölln's Gropiusstadt, one of West Berlin's major urban development projects from the cold war era. Höschl's contribution is a counter-narratological soundstream consisting of two elements: audio descriptions created to represent the protagonists and locations of the documentary "Gropiusstadt - Ist alles Kacke hier!" (1990) by Eberhard Weißbarth, as well as materials retrieved from audio archives dating to the 1960s documenting the building process and the inauguration of Gropiusstadt.", Mohammad Salemy

  4. STELLA X The one and only Issue


    STELLA X The one and only Issue
    Concept: Simona Andrioletti
    Photography: Jonas Höschl
    Design: Felix Neumann
    Photo-Poster: Riccardo Rudi

    The newspaper is the result of several workshops on the question "What do you do with your anger?", which took place within the framework of BLAST / ArtVerona. The portraits of the young people were made in the neighborhood of their daily communities.

    STELLA @ Spazio Cordis, Verona (ITA), 2021
    Photography by Riccardo Rudi
    STELLA @ Spazio Cordis, Verona (ITA), 2021
    Photography by Riccardo Rudi
  5. Jackie. Oder: Hunde, die ich gesehen habe...


    Jackie. Or: Dogs I saw…

    I saw a trailer for a movie. A women touched the bottom part of her nose with two fingers. A dog reacted by raising his right paw.

    I saw multiple covers of children's books with illustrations of a dog and a little boy. The colours were saturated and shiny.

    I saw Konrad Adenauer with a dog in a photograph. The photographer explained during an interview, that the chancellor didn't want to be portrayed like this.

    I saw an advertisement for a hoodie on Instagram. It showed a cartoon dog with a burning candle on its head.

    I saw a prank video on YouTube. It was about a dog scaring pedestrians by being dressed up like a spider.

    I saw a frozen dog in a garbage bin behind glass in an exhibition.

    I read multiple times that the dog Jackie from the movie trailer must have really existed.

  6. Mavi Phoenix


    "Eating sushi in a fancy restaurant
    Top floor and a rooftop bar
    Black suit and my haircut's fresh
    The waiter's jealous of my moustache",
    aus Tokyo Drift von Mavi Phoenix

  7. 09. September 2015, Röszke

    09. September 2015, Röszke @ Akademie Galerie, Nuremberg, 2021 // Exhibition view by Kira Krüger

    "He brings his own powerlessness into focus, addressing the journalistic routinization of news agencies and editorial offices in our digitalized world. The work was supported by the Alexander Tutsek Foundation and the Cultural Office of the City of Munich.", Kunstverein Baden (OE)

  8. Der Weiße Saal X KALTBLUT


    Yusra Babekr-Ali, Instagram: @yusra.babe
    signed at Most Wanted Models, Instagram: @mostwantedmodels_official

    Siti Hajar, Instagram: @sittystyles
    signed at Talents Models Munich, Instagram: @talentsmodelsmunich

    Sophia Klebeck, Instagram: @sophia.klebeck
    signed at Louisa Models, Instagram: @louisamodels

    Styling by Linda Sakallah,, Instagram: #lindasakallah
    Styling Assistance by Patricia Biebrich, Instagram: @lovesaladbypb

    Hair & Make-Up by Sabrina Reuschl,, Instagram: @sabrinareuschl
    Hair & Make-Up Assistance by Devi Nägelsbach, Instagram: @dewaldt.noe

  9. Manfred Weber


    "Manfred Weber (2019) consists of various samples from the commercials of 41 parties that contested the European elections in Germany in May 2019. The resulting mosaic of political diversity is dramatized musically; Falco's song "Europa" can be heard and the setting is based on Bavarian brass band music. Höschl examines the suggestive imagery of advertising agencies and makes clear how uniform the parties' self-representations are. The artist deconstructs the representations by breaking through the promising narratives with recordings of resistance and police violence.", HALLE FÜR KUNST Steiermark

    Video-Production: Max Grünauer
    Brass Music & Vocals: Philipp Lohmeier, Max Blechschmidt, Simon Kränkl
    Lyrics: Falco, Thomas Rabitsch, Thomas Lang
    Photography: Pilar Schacher

  10. Erotik Toy Records X Das Wetter


    "The six young gentlemen of Erotik Toy Records have themselves photographed as if they came from another time. That of the Agfa pocket camera, approximately.", caption from the article "WM-Songs für die Krampfadern-Crowd" by Daniel Gerhardt in the Zeit of October 22, 2020

    Buy Weather #21 as a PDF here. With covers by: Wolfgang Tillmans, Brown Shootta (Martin Tamba), Nina Francesca Nagele und Jonas Höschl

  11. Europe is lost

    Europe is lost @ Pavilion 16, Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, 2019

    "Europe is lost (...) leaves an oppressive feeling. One photo shows a man whose face is completely masked, another wears dark sunglasses and smokes.", from the article "Nie wieder!" by Amelie Völker in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, July 05, 2020

    Woodcut series of 10 parts, edition 1/10, 50 x 70 cm
    Video & Soundpiece, 06:24 min
    Viewing link for video & soundpiece on request
  12. Das Wort Krise besteht im Chinesischen aus zwei Schriftzeichen


    "The word “crisis” is made up of two characters in Chinese" (This video is the B-side of Jonas Höschl's exhibition which can be seen on @ck_offspace's Instagram page).

    The state feels like an expanding vacuum, like a journey from Earth to the planet Trillaphon. There are no points of connection to this space, which seems more airless, nutrient-poor, unsubstantial, crowded. There are planets on which nights feel like merging black holes, while one senses the collision of exoplanets 10000 light years away.

    Text by Hannah Gebauer
    Artwork by Jonas Höschl
    Curated by Christian Kölbl
    Animation Design by Felix Neumann
    Sound Production by Kalas Liebfried

  13. Verifiziert


    "Alles kommt mir vor wie auf Repeat
    Die Platte hängt, wieder nur das eine Lied
    Alles kommt mir vor wie auf Repeat
    Was passiert, wenn man immer nur das Gleiche sieht?",
    Asphalt by Verifiziert

  14. Eli Preiss


    "Danke Mami
    Für die Grübchen, meine Locken und den Body
    Dank dir bin ich kein Dummy
    Falt' die Szene hier, als wär's ein Origami", 
    Danke Mami by Eli Preiss

  15. Der Arktis gegenüber

    der Arktis gegenüber @ Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus, 2019

    10 × b/w photographs, edition 2/5, 50 × 35 cm
    4 × 4-color silkscreen prints, edition 2/5, 50 × 35 cm
    1 × 4-color silkscreen print, unique (5 similar), 100 × 70 cm

    "The photograph still promises to be a reflection of reality. But what does that mean? Color printing, on the other hand, with its overlays and clearly visible changes, is an artistic promise of distance from the real. But it is precisely in this combination of print and print, the two different media, that a reflection finally emerges on the subjective, individual attitude that determines the interpersonal as much as the relationship to an object.", Jochen Meister

  16. Portrait MZ

    Video 1 (FB Videos by Joachim Wolbergs), 29:00 min
    Video 2 (with Joscha Baltha), 08:50 min
    Screen prints "Portrait MZ" @ Arno Schmidt Project, Darmstadt, 2020
    Publication "Portrait MZ", more than 1000 Pages
  17. Juergen Teller X Numéro Berlin


    "That's what my students think of youth",
    Juergen Teller

    Contribution on the pages 581, 593, 600 & 601

  18. Haiyti


    "Wolken sind tief gelegt
    Ich will dich wiedersehen
    Mich tröstet der Nieselregen
    Was für ein mieses Leben",
    Wolken by Haiyti

  19. Gola Gianni


    "Brauch Codeine bevor ich schlafen geh, ich trink so wie Kakao
    Ich kann dich nicht mehr verstehen ja weil mein Kush is viel zu laut",
    Fledermaus by Gola Gianni

    Hair & Make-Up by Parnia Sarraf
    Thanks to Nick Romeo Reimann and the Volkstheater

  20. Glücks­ver­spre­chen

    200 x 600 cm, photographs, lithography, woodcut
    Glücksversprechen @ Academy Gallery Nuremberg, 2018
  21. Schwarz Rot Geil X AVISO Magazin

    AVISO – Magazin für Kunst und Wissenschaft in Bayern (2/21)
  22. Anthea


    "FM4 calls the Hyperpop-Newcomer Anthea the “new Grimes”. That's quite an announcement. An accurate one, we think, because Anthea's explosive synthesizer epics do indeed show traces of the virtuoso Claire Boucher aka Grimes", THE POSTIE.

    Fashion Pieces by Jennifer Milleder
    Hair & Make-Up by Corazonnie

  23. Team Teller X MYP Magazine


    "In every landscape, a bell forms around us, protecting us from what keeps us up at night.", Anna Hofmann

  24. Public Possession X Das Wetter


    Das Wetter #23 can be purchased directly from the Public Possession Shop here.

  25. Kaltenkirchen


    "Sie sagen Sätze ohne Einhalt
    Und Theorien ohne Sinn
    In ihren Körpern wohnt der Teufel
    Der sie in die Hölle bringt",
    Wir sind das Volk by Kaltenkirchen

  26. Viko63 X Penglord


    "Sie findet Wein mucho gusto
    Doch er muss süß sein, also hol' ich ihr Lambrusco",
    aus Mucho Gusto von Viko63 & Penglord

  27. The Adventures of Bobby Ray

    The Adventures of Bobby Ray @ DUEL Magazine


  1. January 21th – March 5th, 2022

    @Galerie Eigen Art LAB, Solo Show "TW: Europe"

    Accompanying film program by the artists Anna Baranowski, belit sağ, Cana Bilir-Meier, Cihan Cakmak, Disarstar & Nura, Dominik Bais, Frankfurter Hauptschule, Kalas Liebfried and Laura Leppert

  2. January 25th – February 27th, 2022

    @Galerie der Künstler, Group Exhibition

  3. February 2022

    Book-Release "Fade Away Medley"


  4. March 27th – June 26th, 2022

    @Kunstmuseum Heidenheim, Solo Show "Ein Lied für Deutschland"

  5. April 28th – May 8th, 2022

    @Ausstellungshalle AdBK Nürnberg, Debütant*innenförderung 2021

    Exhibition & book release together with artist Nele Jäger