In his search for belonging and community, Jonas Höschl encounters isolation and segregation. In his prints and video works, he questions the identity-creating potential of political systems and social constructs. Using regional political scandals and European conflicts, he shows the alienation from unifying ideals. The powerlessness of the individual and the power of the many create a field of tension, which is also the basis of media staging. Jonas Höschl appropriates the partly historical visual languages of differently oriented ideologies in order to reveal the propagandistic manipulation. Through recontextualization, he points to the referentiality of contemporary documents. Carina Essl (LEONARDO – Center for Creativity and Innovation)


  1. 08th to 23th October

    We Threw A Party or The Tears Are Still Trippin'

    Opening on Saturday 08 October at 5 pm with Duygu Ağal (reading), Sascha Ehlert + Jonas Höschl (talk), Anna Hofmann (reading), Tydings (DJ).

    Group exhibition with Kurdwin Ayub, Iga Drobisz, David Häuser, Jonas Höschl, Meike Männel, Rebecca Schwarzmeier, Maša Stanić and Christian Werner at the municipal exhibition space M26 in Regensburg.

  2. 30th October to 18th December

    In a New Light - Collection District Upper Palatinate

    Opening of the exhibition on Sunday, October 30, 2022 at 11 a.m.

    "In a New Light - Collection District Upper Palatinate" with new acquisitions by: Stefan Göler, Elena Helfrecht, Jonas Höschl